Marina Studios Foundation

Marina Studios Foundation is the “front facing name” for Brighton Marina Studios, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) founded in 2013 with aims to provide an extensive and quality timetable of classes to the entire dance community across the south east and to work hard to bring opportunities to people of all ages from difficult or deprived circumstances, who would not otherwise be able to access these activities.

Inclusive in all we do

The Marina Studios Foundation and DanceHub CIC are committed to being as diverse, equitable and inclusive as possible in all that we do. Achieving these aims is critical to our vision of ensuring dance is accessible to all with a positive and supportive culture. 


  • Wheelchair friendly floors in all 3 studios – load bearing sufficient and sprung.
  • Disabled toilet
  • Gender neutral changing space.
  • Wheelchair accessible doorways



  • Welcoming and Friendly staff
  • Staff members representative of diverse demographics (nuerodiverse, LGBTQ+ and global majority)
  • All staff trained to integrate current members with additional needs into all classes (we plan on enhancing this).
  • Staff are available and ready to provide emotional and verbal support where needed.
  • Staff dedicate extra time to those with additional needs where needed.
  • Staff are open to listening to feedback from those who have lived experience.


Studio Classes:

  • Classes to suit all abilities – diverse range of adult classes accessible to all levels and demographics.
  • Diverse range of styles to welcome all abilities.

We are working closely with Stopgap Dance Company and have established a clear timeline which we aim to complete in phases.


  • Creating an adult changing space which can be accessed and used by all.
  • Re-designed and re building our disabled toilet and adult change space facilities.
  • Creating gender neutral cubicles to be used as a change space and toilet facility.
  • Creating an artist/student breakout/sensory room for those who may need this.
  • Creating clear movement channels around the building for wheelchair users – Phase 1.
  • Highlighting these pathways with easy to follow floor designs (floor sinage). – Phase 1
  • Offering multiple seating and table options with different heights, raised arms and bench seating – phase 1/2
  • Adapting the staff/reception area; lower desk, no imposing structures. – phase 1
  • Adapting sign in process: lower height tablets, accessible fonts and colours – Phase 1/2
  • Studio Flooring: policy updates; all wheels to be checked before entering studios – Phase 1.
  • Clocks: digital clocks to be added for easy reading – Phase 1.

Workforce Development:

We intend to give advanced training in the following categories to all relevant staff:

  • Adapting and delivering dance to different abilities and ages.
  • Inclusivity training focusing on language with LGBTQ+ members
  • To ensure this is properly executed we are working hard in partnership with our workforce to develop their ups killing and have created a Training pack outlining requirements and courses for teachers and staff.
  • Enhanced safeguarding
  • Enhanced First Aid
  • Fire training

To ensure this is properly executed we plan on creating a Training pack outlining requirements and courses for teachers and staff.


  • Changing sinage to include bright colours, simple wording, braile and ensuring this is placed at a suitable height for all users.
  • Re-designing logo and sinage to include lowercase lettering and easy to read fonts.
  • Improving the images used to advertise the studios, making sure they fully represent the diverse community that is welcomed.
  • Lighting in the studios: low level lighting, moving dimmers/light switches lower, lighting to indicate end of dance space – Phase 2
  • Changing fans into air con – Phase 2
  • Studios Sounds: adjusting speaker height and low level bass -Phase 2 (further consultation required)


Studios Class Scheduling:

  • Reaching out to different groups and inviting them to the space etc
  • Setting up wheelchair/additional needs introductory sessions to learn basics of following dance instruction and build confidence to enter the mainstream studio classes.
  • Using this same concept to engage and welcome older participants into the studios.


  • Automatic doors (entrance, toilets)
  • Review fire evacuation policies and exits: doors that can be opened independently, clear identification of fire escape root 
  • Integrate hearing loops 

The Y.E.S Project Crowdfunder

The Marina Studios Foundation are proud to be supporting the Y.E.S project in Crawley.

The Y.E.S Project has been running in Crawley since 2021, with original “pilot” projects fully funded by our supporters in order to keep these free to our participants.

Our aim is for these sessions to be sustained and driven by young people.

The young people we engage with weekly are not satisfied with their project coming to an end due to funding and came to us asking if they could run different events to help raise support for their Y.E.S projects to continue. This support will ensure the Y.E.S project is free to those who attend. This is key, as many of our dancers would not be able to access dance if not via their free Y.E.S project sessions due to a number of different barriers. 

What Will Your Support Do?

All donations made will go straight into our Y.E.S project fund which will help to cover teacher costs and venue hire to keep our sessions free for the young people to attend, as well extras, such as T-shirts, Dance Leaders Level 2 Qualifications. Any extra money raised will be used to help provide further dance development for our young people (training, qualifications, professional opportunities).

Find out more about our partners and projects

Working with DanceHub CIC, a Community Interest Company, as the primary delivery partner for Marina Studios objectives and ambitions, enables growth and impact in a number of areas, with a number of partners, a range of funders and supporters and of course a wide range of beneficiaries.

DanceHub’s objectives are to advance, provide and promote the education, development and wellbeing of people and communities, through their active participation in and opportunities through Dance, Sport & Physical Activity and Arts.

The Y.E.S Project brings exciting and engaging charity funded Street Dance sessions and opportunities across Sussex. In our weekly sessions students learn fun new moves with the opportunity to work towards performance projects.

The sessions are taught by our dynamic team of professional young choreographers. 

We also provide dance leadership opportunities and courses for young people to learn and become young dance leaders. To find out more about these programmes please click here to contact Jade for more details.

We provide free online Y.E.S Project tutorials which can be accessed via DanceHub TV.

We believe Continuing Professional Development is extremely important for our team so that we can promote the education, development and wellbeing of people and communities, through their active participation in and opportunities through Dance. Ultimately, it will benefit your experience at Marina Studios to ensure everyone feels in a safe space when dancing with us. 

Throughout the next few months and into next year, there is going to be a plethora of inspiring development opportunities for our team to expand their teaching practice, a few examples below;

  • Partnership with Stopgap Dance for delivery adaption
  • Mental Health Training 
  • Disability Equality Training through Scope


Support us with feedback and ideas

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