Marina Studios (MS) Juniors

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Elevate your child’s creativity at Marina Studios (MS)  Juniors, where we prioritise growth through our stress-free dance class for ages 11-16yrs

Our no-exam approach fosters joyful learning, allowing children to express themselves and build confidence.

In our KPOP class, held every Saturday morning, we cultivate a fun and friendly atmosphere, celebrating diversity and fostering positive relationships. Our experienced teachers lead with passion, ensuring each class is a memorable experience.

Join us to witness the transformative power of dance, nurturing individuality in a supportive and enjoyable setting. 


Our payment system operates through a monthly subscription, which renews on a rolling basis. If you decide to cancel, kindly provide us with one month’s notice. It’s important to note that we do not provide refunds, but we can efficiently terminate the monthly subscription upon request, provided the notice is given one month in advance. All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to our email address: info@marinastudios.co.uk.

1 class

1 class per week = £34.99 per month