What level is right for me?

Are you interested in learning to dance but not sure where to begin?

Intro to Dance is tailored for those seeking to improve coordination, understand musicality, and gain confidence on the dance floor, this course covers fundamental elements such as dance terminology, traveling steps, and rhythm. Ready to start your dance journey?

These classes are suitable for people who have a base level understanding of rhythm and music and are willing to learn combinations progressing in speed. You need to be confident with learning basic steps and the class will usually start with a warm up, floor routines and then work on a choreographed dance. Be persistent, don’t give up and before you know it, you will feel extremely satisfied with your dance skills! 

Our Intermediate Classes will include more complex patterns including turns, footwork, body styling, hand movements and floor work. These classes are suitable for dancers with a good understanding of dance and music that are interested in a high-energy class increasing stamina and technique. 

Perfect for dancers that have trained for a few years and have gained full control over body balance, timing, footwork and are able to work at a fast pace whilst challenging yourself. These classes are designed to showcase precision, strength and technique through a variety of sharp movements, jumps, leaps, turns, and stylized progressions.

These adult classes are fun and light-hearted for both the inexperienced and experienced dancer. Although strong technique will be taught, the environment is casual and made to make everyone feel welcome. Do something for you… challenge yourself and your body and mind will thank you.


Your Questions Answered: Everything You Need to Know About Marina Studios!

We’re the Dance and Movement destination of the South! Bringing you a diverse and extensive variety of dance styles, excellent teachers, a welcoming, inclusive, accessible and diverse environment where we embrace individuals of all ages and abilities. Our mission is to change lives through the power of Dance and Movement. Our facilities are available to hire for regular bookings, workshops, events, parties, corporate team-building activities, and more.

Water Bottle: Stay hydrated during your classes.
Comfortable Clothes: Wear something comfortable that does not restrict your movement. Suggestions include: T-shirt, Leggings, Joggers, Shorts.
Comfortable Shoes: Such as trainers. You may wish to bring specialist shoes for specific classes (optional): Tap shoes, Ballet shoes, Heels. 

Please Note: Specialist shoes are not required. Bare feet or trainers are also acceptable for all classes.

Additional Items:
– Small towel: For staying dry and comfortable.
– Fan: To keep cool during intense sessions.
– Spare Change of Clothes: For after your class.
– Knee Pads: Some people like to bring these for added comfort and protection, although many do not.

If in doubt, please ask a team member or email info@marinastudios.co.uk.

Anyone can attend a class at Marina Studios. Our Beginner and Open Level classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels and abilities. If you’re worried about starting a class or have an injury, always consult your doctor first. Our instructors are also available to provide modifications and support to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

We have three beautiful studios for hire, each equipped with sprung oak wooden flooring, bluetooth speakers and mirrors. Studios 2 and 3 are also equipped with ballet barres.

For photos and our tour, follow this link https://marinastudios.co.uk/studio-hire-marina-studios/

Each studio is equipped with plenty of cubby holes for storing your belongings during class.

We have a water refill station in our reception, easily accessible for all. Please remember to bring your own water bottle or we have a Marina Studios water bottle available for purchase based on stock availability. 

Yes, we have an abundance of individual chairs available to use in our reception area, where you can wait before your class starts.

We do not offer food and drinks for sale within our building. However, there is an ASDA Express just a 1-minute walk from our complex, along with numerous coffee shops, cafes, and other dining options within a 5-minute walk or less.

There is a FREE multi-story car park located a short distance from our building. Which anyone is allowed to use. Step free access includes level 1 and 6. 
We have dedicated a section on our website providing detailed information about our accessibility. Please visit this link to learn more: https://marinastudios.co.uk/accessibility/

For the fastest way to book a class, visit our bookings page at https://marinastudios.co.uk/book-studio-class/.

Alternatively, you can book in person or over the phone at 01273 253679. If booking in person, please arrive at least 10 minutes early to ensure we have enough time to greet you and complete your registration.


You may cancel your class up to 8 hours before their start time. If you cancel within this period, your account will be credited, allowing you to reschedule for another time, or you may opt for a refund.

If you miss the 8-hour window, we cannot credit your account unless there are exceptional circumstances, which we will always consider.

For individuals with long-term illness or disabilities, this cancellation policy can be adjusted. Please contact us via email or phone for us to discuss how we can be as accessible as possible for you.

Yes, Please visit this link for more information on our studio hire via: https://marinastudios.co.uk/studio-hire-marina-studios/

If you’ve never danced before, our ‘Intro to Dance’ 4 week course is tailored for those seeking to improve coordination, understand musicality, and gain confidence on the dance floor, this course covers fundamental elements such as dance terminology, traveling steps, and rhythm. If you’d like to book this, please visit https://marinastudios.co.uk/book-studio-class/. The class starts on the first Tuesday of every month from 8-8:45pm and runs for 4 weeks. 


If you’d like to find out about our current pricing and packages including concession rates. Please visit, https://marinastudios.co.uk/prices/

Yes, the most up to date information regarding concession rates can be found via: https://marinastudios.co.uk/prices/

For more information about a specific class, you can view the class description on our bookings page by clicking on the class of interest. Additionally, you can visit our Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/brightonmarinastudios/ where we frequently update our class offerings. If you need further assistance finding the information you seek, please don’t hesitate to email us, and we’ll gladly assist you.

Marina Studios is the front facing name for Brighton Marina Studios Foundation, a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) founded in 2013. We change lives through the power of Dance & Movement. We are committed to being equitable, diverse and inclusive. We bring opportunities to people of all ages from underrepresented demographic groups.