Environmental Policy

Date reviewed: January 2024 

We recognise the power of our work to inspire and imagine a positive future and to help people transition to a low carbon world, and we recognise our responsibility to reduce our negative environmental impact on the world that future generations will inherit. We seek to work with national and regional parntners, not least those within our local area of Brighton to further our ambitions and impact.

We recognise the urgency of the climate issue and we will work to influence positive environmental change amongst our beneficiaries (participants, audiences, staff and volunteers), suppliers and stakeholders.

Our strategic goals to improve our environmental sustainability are: 

  • Inspire, equip, engage and empower our staff to drive change. 
  • Upskill, enable and platform the work of our wider workforce engaging with environmental issues.
  • Work in partnership to increase our impact and communicate our work 
  • Lay the foundations for Net Carbon Zero across all our activities.
  • Ensure energy supplied the Studios is certified 100% renewable backed by a mix of Renewable Guarantees of Origin and nuclear declarations for the period. 

We will communicate our work and progress publicly including to our audiences, and publish an annual report that summaries our performance against the targets we have set.

Things we are doing already: 

  • Over 90% reduction in printed marketing, admin materials and audience surveys replaced with online versions.
  • Secure bike parking installed outside the venue.   
  • A commitment to environmental responsibility written into all Job Descriptions. 
  • Stakeholder pension scheme’s ethical & sustainable investment option identified and promoted to all staff.
  • Minimise waste by reduction, re-use and recycling. 
  • Source products locally and use environmentally responsible products wherever possible. 
  • Our supploier, British Gas Trading Ltd certifies that 100% of the electricity supplied by British Gas to Marina Studis is already backed by a mix of Renewable Guarantees of Origin and nuclear declarations for the period.


We will extend our dedication to our communities by working to reduce any negative impact on the environment that may result from our activities and use our position in the sector to influence and encourage change.  Our commitment to a refreshed and re-energised Environmental Action Plan will sit at the heart in our 2024-28 business plan: during Autumn 2024 we will set ambitious targets to reduce our carbon footprint across our building, working methods, & programmes of activity and develop plans for sector-wide impact via our support for artists.

Our Board are responsible for environmental management and performance and the integration of sustainable development. They will: 

  • review the policy and our performance annually.
  • ensure we set achievable yet ambitious targets for positive change based on data.
  • ensure that suitable resources are provided in order to meet the commitments of this policy..

Policy Owner:


Review date:  

January 2025