We currently have several exciting offers


£10 – Drop-in class
£4 – Livestream Class
£80 – 10 class bundle valid for 3 months
£45 – 5 class bundle valid for 3 months
£49.99 – Unlimited Monthly Class Bundle*

*Only £4.16 per class if you come three times a week


Student & Key Workers receive a 20% discount off the above bundles*
*ID Card required

Friends of the Foundation

£5.99/Month – Friends of the Foundation 
*FREE CLASS on sign up*

A monthly donation supporting Marina Studios Foundation, a charity founded in 2013 to make dance accessible to all through community projects and partnerships.

Allows access to the following discounts:

£8 – Drop in class
£2 – Livestream Class
£60 – 10 class bundle valid for 3 months
£35 – 5 class bundle valid for 3 months

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Payments will show on your credit card/bank statement to DanceHubCIC

Class Level Descriptions

Our Intro to Dance class is for absolute Beginners or for those looking to start from scratch again. It’s perfect for people who want to improve co-ordination, understand musicality, link moves together and find comfort and confidence in various dance styles. You’ll be taught all the dance essentials: terminology, travelling steps, and, most importantly, rhythm through a dance fitness style set up. 

These classes are suitable for people who have a base level understanding of rhythm and music and are willing to learn combinations progressing in speed. You need to be confident with learning basic steps and the class will usually start with a warm up, floor routines and then work on a choreographed dance. Be persistent, don’t give up and before you know it, you will feel extremely satisfied with your dance skills! 

Our Intermediate Classes will include more complex patterns including turns, footwork, body styling, hand movements and floor work. These classes are suitable for dancers with a good understanding of dance and music that are interested in a high-energy class increasing stamina and technique. 

Perfect for dancers that have trained for a few years and have gained full control over body balance, timing, footwork and are able to work at a fast pace whilst challenging yourself. These classes are designed to showcase precision, strength and technique through a variety of sharp movements, jumps, leaps, turns, and stylized progressions.

These adult classes are fun and light-hearted for both the inexperienced and experienced dancer. Although strong technique will be taught, the environment is casual and made to make everyone feel welcome. Do something for you… challenge yourself and your body and mind will thank you.